[TTR, Drabble] Quite Irritating

"Why hasn't he got any eyebrows?" Romana asked.
"Romana!" Fourth gave her a stern look. "Do you never think of
anything else?"
Romana shrugged. "I can't help noticing these things. And now,
neither can the rest of you."

"Hope you're not too put out," Jonathan Creek remarked to the
Marquis de Carabas.
"I've had worse disappointments," the Marquis replied. "What about
you? You appear positively smug. Did you wager on who'd be cast, and
"Well, to an extent, yes." He nodded at the Minister of Chance, who
was pacing disconsolately outside. "Whatever else this decision was,
it wasn't obvious."

[ One or two more fandom reactions I thought deserved to be noted ]