(SUMMARY: Eleven takes advantage of the rare quiet in This Time Round.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own This Time Round [Tyler Dion] nor do I own
Doctor Who [BBC].

Timeframe: After Victory of the Daleks.)


Quiet Contemplations


It's rare, really, when the patrons of This Time Round are quiet.
Nyssa had taken her killing of Adric somewhere else (something about
ropes), the Doctors had, for once, not launched into a forty-sided
argument over the new one's fashion sense, and no one had, thankfully,
gotten so drunk they started snogging random people left and right.

The Eleventh Doctor liked it. He much preferred the quiet to the usual
chaos. It gave him time to contemplate, to think.

His mind drifted from his banana daiquiri and off to the new race of
Daleks. Now that Ten had pointed it out, they did seem like a Super
Sentai team, with the color-coded occupations.

Then it was off to Amy, who didn't seem to remember the Cybermen
invasion of Earth (which was stopped by the Daleks, but still) back in
"The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End". How could she not remember, it
was all over the freakin' world?!

Speaking of Amy, she walked up to him, and gave him a slap.

"OW! Oi, what did you do that for?! That stings!" He gingerly held the
cheek that was slapped.

"That was from Donna," Amy smoothly replied. "Said she wanted to slap
you because you regenerated alone. Rose wanted me to attack you with a
cricket bat for abandoning her on Bad Wolf Bay."

"I'm thinking here!" he protested.

The ginger-haired kissogram shrugged, then walked away.

/Since when did Amy take requests?!/ he thought, before returning to
his rudely-interrupted train of thought.

He was a /fussy eater/ now! That was the worst part, he was picky. He
hated yogurt, strawberries, meat that had too much pink (one of the
Muses made a tut tut sound and stuck out her tongue at him and another
had slapped him when he rejected the meal she had made), Adric's
Demise, the list went on.

He still liked bananas. He liked banana daiquiri, that was a fact.
Chocolates, mm, there was something good, at least one without the
nuts, and at least one that had little solid chocolate chunks. Ice
cream, as long as it was either chocolate or vanilla. Jam, except when
it had seeds.

His train of thought was interrupted yet again by the Tenth Doctor.

"I thought you'd be here, thinking again." Ten sat down beside him.
"Still, I wanted to do this."

He slammed his trainer-clad foot down on Eleven's, HARD.

"OW! What was THAT for?!"

"The Daleks came back. Because of you." He punctuated the last
statement with a steely glare. "I can see what Two and Three have
between each other."

Ten walked away.

"I wonder what I did to deserve all this," Eleven muttered, just as
Nyssa walked in, grinning.

"Must be the fact that your actor bedded Billie Piper in Secret Diary
of a Call Girl," Nyssa nonchalantly remarked.

The angry death threats from 10.5, Ten and Nine made him walk straight
out of the Round, promising himself to ask the Simm Master to make a
banana daiquiri for him instead.

"If it cheers you up," Four yelled as he poked his head outside the
Round's doors, "I liked you hamming it up!"



- Eleventh Doctor, "Victory of the Daleks"