TTR: Relative Obscurity

Polly was guarding the door at the 'Round, when she saw someone new
trying to get in. A young blonde woman dressed in various shades of

"Hi," the woman smiled, as she tried to get past. Polly didn't smile

"Sorry, but you can't come in unless you can tell me what fanfic you've
been in."

"I'm not from a fanfic," the woman replied in a light Edinburgh accent,
"I'm an official Doctor Who character!"


"Aye, I'm Heather McCrimmon. From 'Doctor Who Adventures'? I'm the
companion in their comic strip while there's not one in the series."

"Oh, okay. You can come in," said Polly, "I really should read that
sometime." Then she blinked. "Sorry, Heather *what*?"

Behind the bar, Jamie turned to Adric. "Och, surely it's no' Bring Yer
Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter Tae Work Day again *already*?"

"All those with psychokinesis, raise my hand."
The Room With No Doors, Kate Orman