Wilf rather likes Tom; he reminds Wilf of when he was younger, although he
doesn't think he was ever /that/ much of a dreamer. The lad just needs to apply
himself a bit more.

For Tom's part, Wilf reminds him of his old Granddad, cosy afternoons spent
hearing the old man read to him, bright evenings spent watching the stars.

Tom thinks Granddad would have liked Wilf; they're much of a spirit, of that
old 'bulldog breed'.

And after a hard day on the beat, it's nice to have someone you can sit down
with, share a cup of tea.


For Bernard Cribbins, then and now.

Disclaimer: 'Doctor Who' is the BBC's. Special Constable Tom Campbell (and
'Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 AD') was Amicus Productions'.