[TTR] The Rosette
In response to the Master drabble challenge
By Adrian J. McClure

Note: Refers to "Adventuress of Henrietta Street" and contains
spoilers for "Sometime Never." This is my first drabble, by the way.
Hi everyone!

"But what I don't understand," said the Fifth Doctor to the Eighth
Doctor, "is this: If the Master was locked up in your TARDIS all
along, then who was the Man with the Blue Rosette?"

"You can ask him," said the Eighth Doctor. "He's right there."

"My former nemesis," said the man. "How delightful to see you again."
The Fifth Doctor was about to respond when he realized that he was in
fact talking to Nyssa nearby. "So that's who you are!"

"Indeed." He pointed to his blue rosette. "This is much more
impressive than a gold star, isn't it?"


Yes, that was TDF, but saying so would have given it away.

Summary: Drabble. In which a pressing continuity question is given a
surprising answer.

This Time Round was created by Tyler Dion after Kielle, To Die For was
begun by Erin Tumilty and became the epic, chaotic saga/running gag
that it is now thanks to BKWillis and Douglas B. Killings. Everything
else is the BBC's. This drabble is (c) 2004 Adrian McClure