Sadism 2: The Sequel

A 'This Time Round' Drabble
If it doesn't belong to me, it belongs to the BBC, unless it belongs to someone else

When Adric saw her coming, he ducked under the table. Too late. She had seen him.
"Go away, Nyssa."
"Look, Adric, I'm sorry about the drink thing. Could you forgive me?"
"I've brought you a present."
"A present?" He came out of his hiding place to take the box she was offering him. "What is it?" hesaid, removing the wrapping.
"It's a parka. It's your colour, too. Orange. Try it on." She helped him get his arms through the right holes, zipped him up, put up his hood, and pulled the drawstrings tight.
"What do you think?"

Because there had to be a reason...