I don't understand all these Stephen Fry drabbles, but I enjoyed them
in mystification and it prompted this... It's also a perfect excuse
for you to add any *more* of him that you wish. If you should...
Polly is going to be giving up this Continuity Cop lark if this
carries on.

TTR: Seeing Double
By Vicky Jewitt

Adric faced Nyssa and Ann across the bar.
"Guess," said Nyssa, or Ann.
Ann, or Nyssa, added thoughtfully, "Of course, if he gets this
"All right!" said Adric, panicking. "I know this! One of you has a
Nyssa, or Ann smiled sweetly at him. "Do you fancy trying to look?"

Ben strolled into the Round, whistling. Polly looked up from across
the crowded pub, forced her way over and flung herself into his arms,
"Blimey," he said, taken aback. "It must be bad!"
She gulped back tears. "Someone suggested a Doubles Night. Every
possible Who and Crossover Double or character played by the same
actor is here in the same room at the same time! And I can't tell who
should be here and who shouldn't when they all look so alike! What
can we do?"
Ben took in the Round, which was threatening to split at the seams.
"Only one thing for it: take the Doctor's advice - run!"
And - avoiding the Stephen Fry convention on the way in - they raced
away into the night.

Meanwhile, the First Doctor glared at his 'doubles' with deep
disgust. "*Who* did you say you were supposed to be again, hmm?"

TTR was the idea of Tyler Dion.
All characters are copyright of the BBC. (Except Stephen Fry who is a
real person, I believe.)