Title: The Master's XI: Season Preparation
Summary: It's the beginning of a new season of test cricket, and the
sides are gathering together...
Author: Cyber Moggy


"Master, we can't drop Benton," Tegan exclaimed, "He's the best bowler
we've got!"

"He'd be better if he'd stop blowing up the wickets," Ainley!Master

"That was only because Nyssa thought Adric was going to be involved
and hid an explosive in the ball," Tegan replied reasonably. "I'll
talk Davros into letting me borrow some Daleks to guard the equipment
and make sure nobody gets near before the match."

"Alright. Benton stays. What else?"

"Francois wants to televise the series."

Ainley!Master stared at her. "We've only got two sides."

"Didn't the Doctor tell you? The high school want to field a side.
The kids at the creche have been talking about it, too, but the Doctor
said no, because they're too small to throw the ball the full length
of the wicket."

"That won't stop them for long."

She laughed. "True. Are the Daleks going to sponsor us again this

He nodded. "I had to do some fast talking after the Cybermen blew up
their shop, but they agreed on the grounds that I drop the Cybermen
from the side."

She sighed. "Pity. They were good. Still, we need the Daleks more
than we need the Cybermen. Have you told the Cyberleader yet?"


"How did he take it?"

"Surprisingly well."

On the other side of town, the Cybermen were gathered together. "I
have heard that the series will be televised this year," a Cyberman

"This can be turned to our advantage," the Cyberleader said
thoughtfully. "We must organise a side..."