> TTR: I Think I'm Going Crosseyed...
> by Imran Inayat

Brava! And in response, a five minute fic:

Seeing Double.
By Helen Fayle
A double-drabble

At the end of the bar, three characters lurked in the shadows. One tall,
lanky male, and two women, one heavily pregnant, the other defaulting to
what looked like a WPC of British vintage, circa the early 1960's judging
from the outfit.

"This has to be your doing," said the policewoman to her pregnant companion.
The man was staring over at the bar, looking faintly shell shocked.

Lolita shrugged. "Don't look at me, I can't be held responsible for this
one, Marie."

Homunculette pointed at the 9th (new) and 10th (spoof) Doctors. "Uh." was
all he could get out.

Lolita sniggered. "Embarrassing isn't it, when someone else turns up in the
same body? Like buying a designer frock and turning up at the Awards night
to find it's been knocked off."

"As opposed to "knocked up?", Marie snapped. Lolita smirked, but said

A slight, grey haired man, with a rather prissy manner sighed. "You think
you've got problems?' He pointed to the Master's table where his bearded
double was just sitting down. "I'm also a villain!"

"Uh." Humonculette whimpered, pointing.

"Typical bureaucrat," said Kastchei, leaning over him, slapping him on the
back. "Trust you to do everything in triplicate."

Archive info:
Tag: Future developments come under discussion in the 'Round.
Characters: Humonculette (Alien Bodies, Taking of Planet 5), Lolita ("Toy
Story" "Faction Paradox Audios" by LM), Marie (Alien Bodies), Kastchei(BoT),
The Unbound Derek Jacobi Doctor (BF)

For the uninitiated: Kastchei is played by the same actor who plays the
Master in the TVM, and it's rumoured that Derek Jacobi (touted for a future
BF Unbound audio), will play the Master in the webcast. It was established a
couple of years ago that Richard E Grant was the model for Humonculette in
"Alien Bodies", and he previously appeared in Mags & Helen's "Ladies Night"