(A sequel to Brad's "Immanuel Kant Would Cry".)

"Perhaps another time," Fey said, gently moving Varla's hand away from her

"Oh?" Varla said. "Is my dress sense not to your taste, then? It would take
minimal effort for me to... attire myself suitably." She cast her eyes Izzy's

Fey raised an eyebrow. "Given my preferences, I'm at a loss to see how a
dalliance with me would further your purpose."

"True," Varla acknowledged. "But then, who said I wanted it to?"

"Ah," Fey said. "I take it you haven't /exactly/ reconciled your conflicting
purposes yet. Unless you've come up with a way in which pleasuring every woman
of our preference in the cosmos furthers Movellan conquest."

Varla shrugged. "Since I have no way of judging another woman's preference -
unless they decide to enter the Steel Maiden - I fear I will simply have to try
pleasuring every woman in the universe until I am certain that every last one
has been seduced."

"I see," Fey said. "Being an android yourself, I take it you have no trouble
with constructs, is that correct?"

"Of course," Varla said.

"So what's your opinion on a woman merged with a /male/ construct?" Fey said.

Varla paused. "Hm. Interesting. I must admit I have never had the chance to
perform with such a being. Quite frankly, I find myself intrigued as to how
such a thing would work. Why do you ask?"

"Mm. Call it curiosity," Fey said.

Nice save, Fey, Izzy thought, doing her best to keep her expression blank.

"I take it you have experience with such a being?" Varla said.

You could say that, Izzy thought.

"You could say that," Fey said.

"Do you still have their details?"

Fey shrugged. "In my line of work, it's... difficult keeping track of the
contacts I make. I'm sure you understand."

"Of course," Varla said. "Still, if they should ever get back in touch with

"Of course," Fey said. "Now, I'm very much afraid we must be going. Thank you
for the evening."


"...That woman is quite possibly one of the most voracious predators I've had
the misfortune to meet," Fey remarked, once they were well away from the Steel

"Believe me, you /don't/ get used to it." Izzy said.

"...I was afraid of that," Fey said.

"Mm." Izzy said. "What /I'm/ worried about is what's going to happen when Varla
finds out you were talking about you and Shayde..."

A muscle in Fey's cheek twitched. "I'd rather she didn't, thank you so much,

"She will," Izzy prophesised. "It's one of those narrative causality things.
She's going to find out just when you least want it."

"Wonderful," Fey muttered. "Just when I thought I'd found a decent watering
hole." She cast a look back over her shoulder. "And the worst thing is, even
/with/ a predatory android prostitute, it's /still/ better than the 'Round."

Izzy grinned. "I promise not to tell the Proprietor if you don't."

The ghost of a smile flitted across Fey's face. "Agreed."


Disclaimer: 'Doctor Who' is the BBC's. This Time Round is Tyler Dion's. The
Steel Maiden is B.K. Willis'. Izzy and Fey are Panini's.