(TTR) Shifting planes of reality.
A Challenge drabble
By Helen Fayle

'I knew _something_ was wrong when that Arthurian bunch appeared. Then
dragons, magic horses, Avalon, mystical destinies, alternate futures.' the
red-haired man muttered glumly.

'I know exactly what you mean,' The Doctor nodded sagely. 'Always a bad


Both men looked round. Ace twirled round in her new costume, showing off far
too much belly-button in an animal skin bikini borrowed from Veronica.

'Very nice, Leela,' the Doctor mumbled. Leaning on his umbrella he stared up
at the red-haired man. 'You were saying?'

Nyssa borrowed Finn's crossbow and fired. Adric dropped.

'Nothing ever prepared me for this,' Challenger sighed.

Archive info:
"Shifting planes of Reality"
Challenge: A crossover not used before.
X-over: The Lost World (Aussie rules version) / Doctor Who (TTR)
Tagline: The varying states of reality on the plateau intersect with one of
the most dangerous locations yet.