TTR: Silent Minorities

Seventh's companions were having a get-together in This Time
Round. Roz was, as usual, annoyed about something.

"It's not on," she insisted.

"What's not on?" asked Chris.

"This!" Roz waved a newspaper at him. "This Martha Jones woman
being described as the first companion from an 'ethnic
minority'! What about me? Or Anji? Or Alison? Or even

"Or me!" added Sharon, who happened to be passing, "I was
introduced in the seventies!"

"I think," said Chris "they mean in the actual series, not

"Right," came a voice from the next table. "Because I'm just
the tin dog..."

Official Absentee of EU Skiffeysoc
"The only thing worse than being talked about
is having nothing to declare except my handbag."
-Oscar Wilde, according to Humphrey Lyttleton