TTR: Social Climber (drabble)

"Delivery for Zoe Heriot?" the dwarf asked.
"She's upstairs changing," Samantha said. "We'll sign for it."
"Here you are, then. One stepladder."
"Why does Zoe want a ladder?" Isobel asked, signing her name.
Samantha propped the steps against the wall. "That's one of those questions
it's better not asking."
"Thank you, my lady." The dwarf bowed low. "Would one of you care to dine
with me this evening?"
"I'm engaged," Isobel said.
Samantha shrugged. "I'm not. But who are you, anyway?"
"Giamo Casanunda." With a flourish, he handed her a card. "Rest assured,
milady, that was not my only stepladder."

[ "Doctor Who" characters belong to the BBC.
Casanunda was created by Terry Pratchett.
This Time Round originated by Tyler Dion.]

John Elliott

Thinks: This is what a nice clean life leads to. Hmm, why did I ever lead one?
-- Bluebottle, in the Goon Show