by Paul Gadzikowski

DOCTOR WHO series characters and concepts copyright BBC tv
"This Time Round" concept by Tyler Dion, after Kielle

Peri followed the Doctor out of the TARDIS in a funk. She thought
when the Doctor had agreed to take her on for three months that they
were going to have some fun. She'd been toying with the idea since
they'd met. But while he took her on a tour of the TARDIS he'd been
friendly, considerate, and no fun at all. Peri was beginning to wonder
seriously whether Time Lords knew what fun was. She cheered up some,
however, when she saw that the place where they'd arrived was a bar. Or
"tavern", the Doctor insisted.

The Doctor escorted her to a table and went to the bar for drinks
while she surveyed the other customers for prospects. She saw one of
them double-take at her and then turn away. She realized why the Doctor
liked it here; everybody dressed as loopy as he did.

The Doctor gave it a drink and a half - long enough that Peri had
given up on the evening as a washout - before he came to the point. "You
realize, of course, is that one aspect of your existence is as a
fictional character."

"Yah," said Peri, not even surprised. "Something in the air of this
place here gives it away."

The Doctor nodded. "Exactly. This place is outside of Space and
Time - outside of normal continuity, or any at all."

"Okay," said Peri. "Are you going somewhere with this?"

"One area the present author almost always avoids in his works,"
said the Doctor, "is my sex life."

Peri slugged down the last half of her second beer. "Are there
rooms here?"

"Ace, is 2A free?" said the Doctor, without taking his eyes from

"By chance," said the bartender with theatrically exaggerated lack
of surprise.

As they walked out of the tavern several hours later, Peri noticed
that the Doctor's eyes met those of the man who'd double-took at her, a
big & tall guy in a clown suit accompanied by a skinny redhead, who
smirked at the Doctor. "Creep," Peri thought. But when the TARDIS
returned to the unified field of realspace, her memory was wiped of this
short incident for continuity reasons.


Happy Valentine's Day.