TTR: Speculative Friction

The Proprieter was locking up, when he noticed a figure
lurking outside. "Oi!" he called, "Bob *the* *Muse*! Can I
help you? Or are you hanging round here to set something up?"

"What d'you mean?" asked Bob.

"I know how Muses operate. If you're here outside normal
hours, it's because you're preparing for a story. Well, you
can clear off!"

"I don't know *what* you're implying," insisted Bob as he


At a meeting of Muses, Bob removed three "DisContinuity
Guides" and four "Completely Useless Encyclopedias" from his
coat. "He's on to us. No riot in the Round tomorrow..."

(A sequel, of sorts, to vj's "TARDIS Speculation")

Official Absentee of EU Skiffeysoc
"The only thing worse than being talked about
is having nothing to declare except my handbag."
-Oscar Wilde, according to Humphrey Lyttleton