Spring Break - Break Time

Lago and the 6th Dr. came into This Time Round.
"What'll you have?" asked Mel, tending bar.
"One iced tea, and a ..." the Doctor began.
"Where'd the bunny come from?" Sabalom Glitz cut in.
"A missing 'Missing Adventure', no doubt," said Peri.
"What did you say?" asked Mel.
"Tea and c...."
"Must have been published by Vermin Press" Tegan snidely remarked.
"Can it, Tegan!"
"Manners!" admonished the 4th Dr. "Let him order!"
"Iced tea and a c...."
"...cup of myxomatosis for him, Mel," Tegan said.
"What? It's too noisy in here," Mel complained.
"Carrot juice, Carrot Juice, CARROT JUICE!"