Okay, I found this website:


You've probably already seen it, I'm usually the slow one here!

It made me laugh a lot, although some things it threw up were too
horrible to contemplate. (Although for some reason I *really* liked
the idea of Benny/Seven and a Slitheen. Maybe there's something wrong
with me...)

And then, since this kind of madness belongs in the Round, that's what


TTR: Some Random Evening
By V. Jewitt

In which something even weirder than usual is going on, enough to put
Ten right off his drink...


Ten had been busy lately - TV show, official tie-in novels, plus
plenty of the usual fan fiction - so he hadn't been here for a few
days, but he even so he hadn't expected this.

He entered the Round, stopped in shock and then nipped back outside to
check he had the right establishment.

Having reassured himself on that front, he returned cautiously and tip-
toed towards the bar. He nodded at Francois. "We've got some very
odd couples in tonight. What's up?"

Adric, who had been hiding behind the bar, risked poking his head up.
"Someone's been playing with The Doctor Who Random Pairing Generator.
A lot. Chris Cwej says if he's paired with me then too right it's
involving poison."

"Then the girl got jealous," added the Ogron briefly. "Now he's got
two of them trying to kill him."

Ten glanced over at Two and Donna seated at a table. He raised his
eyebrows as far as he could. "What's their theme?"

"Cultural differences," Francois replied.

He grinned. "Never!"

"Oh," said Adric, "I've got a list of the people you're paired with
tonight. It's really long..."

Ten muttered something about a date on Saturday evening and ran for
his life.


I'm not responsible for any of this. Really - Doctor Who is copyright
of the BBC & BBC Wales; This Time Round was Tyler Dion's fault and The
Doctor Who Random Pairing Generator was created by 'settai'. (Which
really did suggest Second Doctor / Donna Noble / cultural
differences. Thanks!) All right, so I did write it, but let's not be
picky here... ;-)