> BKWillis wrote:
: "We received a Christmas party invitation, that's why." Tegan's
: voice was as sour as her grapefruit.

Well, if there's a party, and invitations being sent out...

TTR: Steel Yourself (double-drabble)

"This is very strange," Zoe said.
Victoria looked up from her mail. "What?"
"An invitation to a party at the Steel Maiden. From Isobel."
"Oh. Will you be going? I didn't know you were, well..."
Zoe shrugged. "Out here, who can say? I've been her girlfriend in enough
fanfics to qualify. The problem isn't sexuality but logistics. That night
she's going to the cinema with Captain Turner."
"Are you sure? Sorry, that was a foolish question. You're always sure."
Victoria opened her next letter. "Well, I never did."
"What is it?"
"Martha Jones is desirous that I should also attend the party at the Steel
"Just so. Well, well. Might I borrow that for a moment?"
Zoe wordlessly passed the invitation across the table.
Victoria examined the papers closely. "Written in a disguised hand, but
not disguised enough. Let us pay a call on Miss Samantha Briggs."
"Sam? She wrote these?"
"That girl has the most peculiar sense of humour."
"Or she wants Jamie to herself that evening." Zoe took her invitation back.
"It doesn't look anything like her writing. How could you tell?"
Victoria smiled modestly. "I knew that graphology course would come in
useful one day."

[ "Doctor Who" characters belong to the BBC.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.
The Steel Maiden created by B. K. Willis.

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