Schrödinger's Theory of Indeterminate Existential Angst
A TTR drabble

By Helen Fayle

'Artificial Personality Fragments aren't separate characters,' Polly
insisted, a little desperately, staring at the two figures shuffling
uncomfortably, fading in and out of existence as they did so.

'I don't see why I can't come in,' Professor Yana mumbled.

'I can think of a reason,' the Jacobi Masters growled in unison.

Beside the jukebox, the 10th Doctor tried unsuccessfully not to meet John
Smith's eyes.

Transparency re-asserted.

'You let *me* in,' Kastchei pointed out.

Solidity returned.

Adric plucked two pocket watches out of their jackets.

'Like we could fob them off?'

Polly's clipboard caught him just above the left ear.

(Well, I hadn't touched S3 Jacobi Master yet...)