Scenes That Will Never Happen #3

"So, you WANKERs are giving up on Nyssa?" Zoe asked, not really believing it.
"Correct," Tyson answered. "We've found a more suitable and deserving object for our adoration and affection. Don't get me wrong. Nyssa is cool and all, but she just can't compare to our new Divinity."
"Oh yeah?"
"Mm-hmm. We're getting new uniforms and everything."
"So, who's the--?" Zoe was interrupted by a sudden commotion from the parking lot.
"Aaaarggh! Weird pervert boys get away from Francois, or Francois rip perverts' lungs out and shove up ass sideways!"
"Ahhh, His Holiness has arrived," sighed Tyson in ecstatic devotion.