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A TTR quick 5-minute fiction


Roz shook her head. "Come on, Dodo. You've got to come in with

They were outside of the doorway, and the diminutive, raven-
haired teenager was shaking her head furiously. "No... no, I
can't. I just can't. I couldn't, um..." Her voice trailed off
as she struggled to find a further excuse.

"Look." Sara Kingdom continued. "This is long overdue, and you
know it. Honestly, the way you've been acting lately... Steven
and the Doctor are getting very worried."

"Yeah," Adric opined, "you're starting to sound like the Loony
whenever that author is mentioned..." The Alzarian dodged a
swift kick from the Adjudicator.

Unfortunately, the mere allusion was enough. "WELL HE DESERVES
IT!!" Dodo snarled, with teeth suddenly clenched and fists balled
so tightly her hands were becoming white. "I swear, if I ever
see that miserable hack Bishop again I'll tear out his...."

Roz shot Adric a see-what-you've-done glare. Sara, though, moved
to try to calm the younger woman. "Dodo, yes... we understand.
We ALL understand. We've all been through it, and we've all
thought the same thing. But he's an Author, and it just isn't
allowed. No matter what they do to us, we can't go retaliating
against them. Especially not the ways you keep talking about."
At this point Adric began to take feign an interest in the clouds
above and to soundlessly whistle a tune. Sara, meanwhile, sighed
a long regretful sigh that managed to hide some of her own dark
thoughts. "Besides, it isn't right, and you know it." she

Katarina, who had to this point hung to the side and away from
the others, decided to speak up. "My lady Dorothea," she said,
"There are many wise sages who come to these gatherings. They
can help you work through your anger, and find a way to use it
for good deeds."

"Uh huh." Sara agreed. "The chapter president is David Marcus,
and he's very good at working with ones like us."

"So come on, Dodo." Roz pressed. "Just this one time. If you
don't like it, we won't force you to come again."

Dodo grimaced, and noted that the other four were standing in
such a way that provided little escape should she refuse.

She took a deep breath.

"Oh, all right." She muttered. "But just this once, do you

The other four nodded, and one by one they entered the doorway.


The meeting was as crowded as usual, with most of the attendees
talking amicably among themselves. Adric broke off from the
others and walked over to have a few words with his old pal Vila;
Sara introduced Qui-Jon to the other ladies; and usually shy Dodo
actually managed to strike up a conversation with a young girl
named Fo Marasame.

Finally, it was time for the meeting to start, and as everyone
began to take their seats another Marcus (bearded and dressed in
dark black, and no relation to the group's president) invited the
new members to come to the microphone first to speak.

Dodo found herself pushed forward by Sara and Roz. Hesitantly,
she approached the podium. She looked first at the microphone,
then at the crowd.

They all were hushed, and looking at her.

She took a deep gulp, and spoke into the microphone.

"Um... Hi." she began. "Err, my name is Dodo Chaplet, and...."
she took another deep gulp, and looked once more out on the
crowd. Somehow, she found the strength to say the words.
"...and, um, I'm dead."

The members of Dead Characters Anonymous all shook their heads in
greeting, and responded with a hearty "Hi, Dodo!" in unison.

7 July 2000