Tea and Lack of Sympathy

"Given The Chaos That Occurs Here, It Is Hard To
Understand Why The Pub Is So Popular." commented Treader 27.

"Easy," the Proprieter replied, "There's nowhere else to go.
Nameless comprises three educational establishments and one
old folks home, some sketchy locations like the library, and
not much else. If you want to relax, you come to This Time

"Boss," said Polly from the doorway, "What would your reaction
be if a tea-shop materialised next door?"



"That chap seems decidedly unhappy," commented the Minister of
Chance over his cup of Twinings Everyday. "I'd recommend some
soothing green tea, Tyrone."

Doctor Who characters are the property of the BBC.
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.
The Proprieter created by BK Willis.
Treader 27 implied by me and named (I think) by Imran.
Tyrone created by Twinings' ad agency.

Yes, this was entirely the result of trying to think of
Stephen Fry characters John Elliott still hadn't used.

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