Author's Note:

It's over.

After all these months, The Feminine Mistake is at last complete.
Ordinarily, I'd probably take the time here to talk about it and
what a project it was, but there's really no point. It's here, in its
final and complete form, for you to read for yourself and, hopefully,

Apologies for breaking this into so many parts, but AOL has a
size limit on posts. Snarl snarl.

This is dedicated to: Doug Killings, for being such a cool
accomplice and all-around peach; Clive May, for just being who
he is; Graham Woodland, for similar reasons; Alfred von
Boeckmann, for teaching me the facts; Alvin Lynch, Mitch
Parrish, and Gene Crane, for putting up with my eccentricities;
and to all the people who've been reading 'To Die For', for
making it all worthwhile. This is for y'all.

Copyright Notes:

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Story and original characters property of BKWillis.

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