TTR: The Man From Uncool

"I've worked it out!" Eleventh announced to Tenth in the 'Round.

"Worked what out?" Tenth asked.

"Why you don't like me."

Tenth raised an eyebrow, "Really? What was your first clue? That whenever
you come in here I *tell* you why I don't like you?"

Eleventh ignored this. "You see, you and Ninth were the *cool* Doctors.
It irritates you that I'm *not* cool; the bow tie, that embarrassing 'Who
da man', and so on."

Tenth nodded.

"But the thing is," Eleventh continued, "I don't think I'm *meant* to be
cool. Being cool is a bit of an abberation, really. Was First cool? Is
Sixth going to win any fashion awards? Eighth literally wore a fancy
dress costume for his entire era!"

"It's a point," allowed Tenth, "I don't think any of them were as ...
*un*cool as you, though."

"Ah," said Eleventh triumphantly "that's *your* fault."

"*My* fault?"

"Because you *were* cool. My characterisation is that I still *think* I'm
cool and act accordingly."

Tenth considered this. "So you're saying that you're the Doctor as played
by Hugh Dennis's Embarrasing Dad character?"

"Um ... yes."

"I suppose I can live with that."

Behind them, First muttered "Not cool, indeed! Why, have they forgotten
the time that fellow in the nightclub mistook me for a ... 'disk jockey'?
Hmm, yes. Nowthen, nowthen, nowthen..."

Doctor Who property of the BBC
This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.
Inspired by MizWrite's Tenth and Eleventh stories and a Steven Moffat
article I read online but now can't find.

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