I really have got sequelitis. When I wrote Master Test and the Doctor
promised the Master a House of Eliott crossover I promised myself I
wouldn't do this, I really did.

But somehow, it still happened...

The Eighth Doctor promised a life of fashion to the Movie Master, but
it's not what he hoped for...

(The House of Eliott was a popular 90s BBC Drama about two sisters in
the 1920s, once brilliantly parodied by French & Saunders... And I
enjoyed writing this far too much).

Master in the (Fashion) House
(A double drabble)
V. Jewitt

Beatrice Eliott glanced up from the accounts as her sister Evangeline
burst into her office.


"Really, Evie, you must learn a little dignity. What is it?"

She was smiling widely. "Bea, who have we been dying to meet

Beatrice frowned slightly; then her expression cleared. "You can't
mean -?"

"I do! Monsieur Bruce is here to see us!"

Beatrice stood hastily, flustered. "Evie, you could have warned me!"

M. Bruce entered and kissed the hands of both sisters. "Ladies, I have
a proposal..."


"I'm not sure," said Bea suspiciously, "What do you mean, you can
bring our fashion house into the future?"

"The next century at least," he promised. "What do you say?"

She smiled faintly. "It sounds inviting, but we have enough
excitement here and now."

"Then I'm sorry to have troubled you," said the Master, exiting with
the deftly stolen fashion designs under his jacket. They'd be
priceless in the right time and place.

Evie stared at Bea in dismay before storming out. "Bea, how could

"I don't trust him," said Bea, as the door slammed in her face. "Why
those dark glasses?" She shrugged and picked up the ringing
telephone. "Oh, Jack -!"


TTR: The Master's Designs
by V Jewitt

The Movie Master was in a foul mood as he threw himself down at the
bar and ordered an Eye of Orion Flameball.

"What's up?" asked Harry nervously.

"A double drabble!" he snarled. "The Doctor promises me a fashion
crossover and I get one measly double drabble!"

Realisation hit him. It was enough - even a demi-drabble would have
done it! He smiled evilly.

The Eliott sisters were now free to enter the Round.

"There'll be some sartorial improvements around here," he told Harry
and pushed the Flamer back. "I won't be needing this. Get me
something suitable for a lady!"


This Time Round was created by Tyler Dion

All characters are copyright of the BBC.

The rest is entirely my fault.