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The Meeting

written for the "Family" challange

"Good to see you, Ms Kapoor." said the teacher when she arrived. "Some of the
others have arrived already."

Anji looked round the room. "Hello," she said. "I'm Anji Kapoor. Chloe's mum."

Next to her were a very normal looking couple, with a slight Northern accent.
"Hello," the woman said, "I'm Sandra, and this is Les. Um, is Chloe adopted?"

"Yes." said Anji, shortly.

"So's our Izzy. It's a bit of a strain, isn't it?"

"Mm," said Anji. Next to the Sinclairs was a very dapper and
sophisticated-looking gentleman. So much so that it seemed somehow churlish to
even *notice* he was a humanoid tiger. "Delighted to make your aquaintance," he
said, kissing her hand. "Jodafra, at your service."

Jodafra introduced her to the others. The slightly dotty Cockney woman, the
uptight Edwardian paterfamilias who seemed disapproving of his daughter even
being at the school, the Ice Warrior broodmates, and many others that didn't
register because she'd just realised what was coming...

Jodafra led her to a respectable, middle class Pakistani couple. "And,
coincidentally, the Kapoors. Their daughter is called Anji as well, amusingly

Anji closed her eyes. "I *knew* the PTA was a bad idea," she thought.

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Summary: Anji goes to a meeting at Newman Primary... and finds something she
really ought to have expected.
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