The Name Game

Various characters introduced in the 2005 Doctor Who Annual
were enjoying their first visit to the Round, when there was a
sudden crash, and a gasp of pain from outside. They all
stopped, wondering what had happened.

Shortly after this the door opened to reveal the unwelcome
sight of the Tod Brothers, Ezra and Lineus were supporting
their eldest brother, who was limping noticably.

"Sorry about the noise, folks," Ezekiel said insincerely, as
he led them into the pub.

"What happened?" asked Ninth.

"Well, Doctor, Gideon fell."

Dr Carr started, and spluttered into his beer. "What? Never
heard of him!"

Official Absentee of EU Skiffeysoc
"You stand as this world's champion?"
"I've no idea who I am, but you've just summed me up."