TTR: The Ubiquitous Assassin

Chang Lee arrived in This Time Round to find it apparently filled with cackling corpses.

"Okay, is anyone going to explain this? Why do we have a surplus of regeneration-gone-wrong Masters?"

"Those two are the Pratt Master and the original Beevers Master," explained Adric, "And I think *that* one is the original Big Finish Beevers Master. The one who reverted to that form in the Seventh Doctor audios."

"That counts as a separate incarnation? I guess it would." He paused. "Wait, you said the *original* Big Finish Beevers Master?"

"Yes. In the flashbacks in Mastermind, he steals another body after the TVM and then that reverts to Beevers as well."

"Okay, so there's three Beevers Masters now. And the others?"

"He kept doing it. By the end of Mastermind, there's three more Beevers Masters. You can distinguish two of them because they've got American accents. Sometimes."

"Right. Well, this isn't going to be confusing at all."

"It could be worse," commented WO Charlie Sato, "If they *hadn't* decayed, those two would probably look exactly like us."

This Time Round created by Tyler Dion
Doctor Who characters property of the BBC

[Summary: The philosophy that all incarnations of a character have a separate existence Outside just keeps getting more complicated...]