The Waiting

It was Friday, the 4th of March 2005, and This Time Round was abuzz with
the rumour that the new series was likely to be broadcast on Saturday the

"Three weeks to go, and then the Big Day on BBC1!" said Ninth, dusting down
his leather jacket.

"Three weeks to go, and then the 'big day' on BBC1," muttered Ninth, his
usually caustic expression made worse by the knowledge that soon he'd be a
footnote in history.

Ninth looked at the other two in puzzlement. "*One* week to go, and then
the Big Day on BBC1, surely?"

[Summary: Different Doctors, different priorities]

(It just occured to me that the coincidence of an official Ninth Doctor and
the tenth Red Nose Day occuring in the same month deserved aknowledgement,
and there might be a story in it. Sadly, there wasn't, so the above was the
best I could come up with...)

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