TITLE: They Call it Football
AUTHOR: Mousecarcass, to be archived as 'Pandora' (mousecarcass@hotmail.com)
DISCLAIMER: see below.
SUMMARY: Sport - religion for atheists.
SPOILERS: World Cup France '98. No particular continuity for MC or PK.
ARCHIVE: Subreality Central; anywhere else, ask first.
NOTES: Written for GASP Apr '02. A Merry World Cup to all!

Mousecarcass likes 'This Time Round'. He hasn't a clue who anyone is, blokes
in scarfs and huge, beeping pepper-pots, but they call it 'football' and
that being rare, he drinks here often.

Now's special. Their coverage's ITV, people who know football, commentating

He's wearing his own scarf, red and white, and a spiffy new shirt with an
intriguing expiration date near the hem. In his pocket, a piece of paper
with several vital statistics, in case he forgets himself in the excitement.

They're playing Argentina; Beckham's captaining. He's praying from the
depths of his atheistic soul.

The whistle blows.


* Mousecarcass is mine, but as one of four avatars is only me in a
tangential sense. He's technically unWritten, too.
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