Y'all probably remember Paul Gadzikowski's story for the anniversary,
_The Circle of Time_. Some of you may even remember the quasi-drabble
I posted in response.

The drabble-and-a-half is an inherently foolish form anyway, and I
only did it because I was trying to cut the thing down to drabble
length and gave up halfway. Before I started cutting, it was about
the right length for a double drabble, and I've decided that that's
what I want it to be.


TTR: Let's Do That Time Warp Again
by Paul Andinach

When _The Circle of Time_ wrapped, there was a party at This Time
Round. Of course.

Within minutes, the final Doctor had enlisted most of her
contemporaries in an attempt to deduce the content of the
conversation she'd supposedly had with Sisko between parts fourteen
and fifteen.

Elsewhere, Archer found himself trying to explain Gadzikowski's Law
of Crucitemporal Interaction to some of the new characters.

"So," Dorek summarised, "the Doctor regenerated because there is a
new screen version of him now?"

"In 'Shalka', right."

"And when the new series airs...?"

"The next time we meet," the Doctor put in, "he'll say 'Another new
body already?'"

"And he'll explain that he's actually been away for years," Archer
went on.

"Been there, done that," Kirk added.

"But," said Gomez, "what if they give the part back to Paul McGann?"

"Re-enact the climax of 'Eight is Enough'," Silik suggested. "I can
set up a new anachronic overload field for you on the Enterprise, no

"That was a fortuitous accident at million-to-one odds," the Doctor
objected. "Any attempt to recreate it would be just as likely to
destroy the Enterprise and kill all aboard."

"Yes?" said Silik. "*I* don't call that a problem."