by Paul Gadzikowski
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THIS TIME ROUND concept by Tyler Dion, after Kielle.

Previously in the author's TTR Peri arcs: In the tavern Outside continuity,
Peri married all eight Doctors. The Doctor(s) now wears a time ring when with
Peri that cycles hims though all incarnations to afford them equal time with
hises wife. The revelation during an adventure in KING ARTHUR IN TIME AND
SPACE space that Peri is Arthur's half-sister turned out to be only the
opening installment of the Doctor's campaign to offer Peri multiple paternity
scenarios to chose from.


When Peri arrived at the 'Round that evening, there were no Doctors
present. At a loss only for a moment, she picked Sarah Jane Smith out of the
crowd, chatting at the bar with Space Nimue.
"... is a later incarnation of the Doctor, sort of," Sarah Jane was
explaining as Peri sat with them and Mel served Peri a beer without needing
to be asked. "He shows up at the Doctor's funeral, and I leave with him and
adopt the name Vivienne. And Kastchei is the Roberts Master."
"Say, I didn't know that," said Nimue. "Better read 'Invisible City'
"Of course, all this is plausibly deniable in case of professional
"Being there, doing that," Nimue nodded. "In KAITAS Vivian's the
Rassilon-analog's name. My guy favors 'Nimue' for me - us - probably because
T.H. White used it. Maybe invented it," she added as a thought struck the
author. "KAITAS's Taliesin is an amalgamation of Merlin's dark side, chasing
me because he wants to steal the powers I got from Merlin at his death. Of
course, what's *really* going on with Merlin's powers is - Hullo, Peri."
"Let's table the evil amalgamation talk," Peri suggested, shivering.
"The way the Valeyard's been sneering at 'funny villains' lately really
spooks me somehow."
"Relax," Sarah Jane told Peri. "How unfunny can the Valeyard be when you
only see him in TTR stories?"
"How goes Dadquest?" Nimue asked Peri.
"We're going to go on one tonight," Peri said. "I'm just waiting for
hubby to show."
"The wait is over!" announced Doctor Six, arriving behind the women's
barstools. "Dry martini," he told Mel, "so dry you could sneak it into the
Batcave, add water and get a henchman." Mel gave him carrot juice.
"No time ring tonight?" Peri noticed.
Doctor Six snorted. "All the rest of me are working overtime in
fanfiction or in novel proposals."
"All but you?" Nimue smirked, almost but not quite exactly like another
Doctor would have.
"Apparently a hero can be *too* colorful," Doctor Six sighed. "In the
first Decalog I was forced to share my only story with the tetchy old coot!
What kind of first impression is that?"
"Better than spending your only story screwing the villain," Peri
griped. "So, where are we off to?" She finished her beer.
"We're not off to anywhere," said Doctor Six, leading Peri to the table
nearest the door. He had signalled to Mel for a refill for Peri. Now he sat
Peri and himself at the table, kept the beer, and gave her the carrot juice.
"Someone's meeting us here?"
"Exactly," said Doctor Six as they sat. "You see, I had a brainstorm.
Granted, we're out to explore all avenues for finding out who your father is
- and, unrestricted by the foolish consistency of conforming to any level of
canon, find him every time - but there's no harm in going the easy route
"'Easy' route?"
"Easy route," Doctor Six confirmed. "Who is the obvious person to go to,
in the absence of one's father, with questions about one's father?"
Peri thought that one through, and panicked. "Oh no. No! Not here!" She
stood, a glazed look of fear in her eyes.
"Why, what's the matter?" said Doctor Six, much taken aback.
"Not here! It's always been safe here!"
"What are you talking about?"
"Why do you think, Inside, I wanted to go in the TARDIS? Why do you
think I'd rather end up on a whole other planet, or dead?!"
Before Doctor Six could respond, the door to TTR opened. Silhouetted in
the light from outside was a petite figure in expensive clothes.
Peri screamed. She tried to back away, but the table was blocking her.
The figure moved forward. When the door shut she was revealed as a
middle-aged woman in an attractive dress and sensible shoes (think Emily
Gilmore). "Why, Peri," she said, "it's your mother."
Peri screamed again.


Summary for archivist:
Humor, TTR, Peri arc
Doctor Six, Peri; Sarah Jane, Nimue; special secret returning villain
Space Nimue thinks aloud; Peri is faced with the nemesis she thought she'd
escaped for all time.