They entered the pub. It looked very much like the 'Round, apart from its animated nature, which they were getting used to.

Behind the bar, in addition to Sandie (instantly recognisable, due to her ghostly nature and cowdragon outfit), were a toon Ogron and a lemming in yellow pyjamas.

"The one on the left is Frank," Ellie explained, "and the one on the right is Rodric. Rodric Rodent."

Allie couldn't even manage a "take it as read" this time, she was trying so hard not to laugh.

Daibhid, meanwhile, had spotted something about the pub's patrons. "There's an awful lot of magpies here, isn't there?"

"Indeed," said Tardis, "The 'average' Toonsider, by which I mean one who, neither explicitly nor implicitly, exists in an established animated canon, nor has a specific role in Toonside affairs; in short: an 'extra', if you will, tends to be, as you observed, a corvid of the genus /pica/. The reason for this, alas, eludes me."

Daibhid blinked, trying to sort out all the subclauses. "It eludes me, too," he admitted. "Wh would a toon..." He trailed off. "Toon... Magpies... Oh *no*!"

"Have you solved this conundrum?"

"Uh, yeah, but I'm not sure I'm prepared to explain it."

Imran, having lived in Newcastle at one point - right behind the football stadium, to be exact - had also got what Daibhid was driving at.


"Mm?" the desperately-trying-not-to-giggle Muse said.



Ellie glanced sideways at Allie. "What's so funny?"

"Sorry, sorry..." Allie attempted to get a grip on herself. "But, er, just so you know... if you get any more visitors from our side, you're likely to find this happening quite a bit. It's sort of a contextual thing."

Ellie frowned. "You mean giggling at perfectly normal things?"

"That depends how you're looking at them," Allie said. "'Normal' is a state of mind..."

"Tell me about it..." Bob said dryly.

A tiny smile played on Imran's lips. "Er, Allie..."


"If you and Sandra have counterparts here, what about the /rest/ of your family?"

Allie froze.

"...Oh sweet Zeus," she muttered. "Like I didn't have enough trouble with the brats as it was - and now you're telling me they're /toons/?"

"You too?" Ellie said, with a certain degree of sympathy.

"/Oh/ yeah..." Allie looked cautiously around. "They're not anywhere around, are they? It's just... well, you know how it goes, you only have to open your mouth and *pow*, they're there."

"Mm." Ellie agreed. "No, Dad's going to haul them in once things settle down a bit."

"Uh, hold on a moment," Daibhid said. "I know how this goes. Isn't this about the point where they try sneaking into the bar?"

All eyes searched the bar, trying to spot where the aforementioned brats might be lurking.

"Yoo-hoo! Abi!" called a voice from outside.


/Something/ burst through the front door, through the bar, and smashed through the back wall without stopping.

Moments later, a gorgeous blonde girl sauntered into the bar, cast around, caught sight of the hole in the wall, and with a smile that looked very much like that of a fox licking its lips at the sight of a chicken, sauntered out through the back door.

"/PARRRR-YYY!!!!/" screamed another voice.

A little silver dragonling, with tarnished scales, burst through the door, through the bar, and out through the hole in the wall.

Moments after *that*, four heads popped around the door - another little silver dragonling, a squid-headed girl, a purple-skinned Gorgon girl, and a girl who looked like a slightly more felinoid Nyssa.

"Which way did they go?" the dragonling asked.

Ellie sighed, and pointed to the hole. "That way, Zeffy."

"Right," Zeffy said. "Come on, guys."

The quartet disappeared in a blur of speedlines.

Moments after /that/, an older copper dragon, this one a male, walked through the door.

"Hi, Dad!" Sandie called from behind the bar.

"Hi, Dad," Ellie said. "Looking for the MythMob?"

Their father glanced at the hole in the wall. "I think I can manage..."

He paused, and looked closer at the Outside quartet, shooting a wary glance at Bob before turning to Allie.

"I'm Don," he said. "Ellie and Sandie's father."

"Allie," Allie said, flushing a little. "Um, this's Imran - Imran /Inayat/ - Daibhid Ceannaideach and Bob the Muse."

"A pleasure to meet you," Don said. "I'd be happy to sit down and talk sometime, but unfortunately..." He glanced at the hole again. "...I have other things I need to deal with first."

Allie managed a smile. "Don't worry about it."

"Thank you," Don said, and left through the back door.

"...Bob?" Daibhid said finally.

"I know, I know," Bob said, grinning. "Taken."

"Another thing I can't help wondering..." said Daibhid, and broke off. "Um, guys, look over there, at the table next to Baron Greenback..."

They looked. Next to where the Baron was feeding bar snacks to his pet catapillar Nero, three woman were sitting. A tall, elderly woman dressed in black, primly holding a G&T, a short, fat woman in a red blouse and purple skirt, swigging from a pint mug, and a younger, blonde woman in a green dress drinking fruit juice.

"Am I completely mad, or is that the Lancre Coven?" asked Daibhid. "What are *they* doing here?"

"Not an 'or' question," Bob responded automatically, "And a Discworld geek such as yourself should recognise the animated Coven. The Cosgrove Hall Discworld series, remember."

Greenback chuckled to himself. Granny Weatherwax turned in her seat and glared, with all the frustration of one who would *like* to curse the object of her rage into believing he was a frog, but realises that, in the circumstances, this would be an exersise in futility. "Hmph!" she said instead.

Daibhid grinned, "So the characters from Soul Music should be around somewhere as well?"

"I see them," said Imran. "Or at least I see the Band With Rocks In. They're exchanging notes with the cartoon Beatles from 'Yellow Submarine'." He shook his head.

"Yeah, and there's Death over there," said Allie. "Kind of hard to miss. And he's with Susan, Death of Rats and..." she paused, "...and the Black Rabbit of Inle, I think. Imran?"


"This is so cool," said Daibhid. "It hadn't occured to me there'd be characters from other media who've been made into toons."

"Hey, you're a Discworld fan?" said Daibhid Chelonidae, looking up from his double lettuceburger. "I suppose you would be."

"Oh, yeah. I made this brilliant Rincewind costume a few years back, I've still got it somewhere..."

"Cool! I had an amazing Great A'Tuin outfit, complete with elephants..."

Bob the Moose turned to Bob the Muse. "Is it just me, or is that the geekiest conversation you've heard in your life?"

"It's got a lot of competition," Bob the Muse replied, "But yeah."

They noticed that the Death of Rats was moving towards Rodric, as was a Nyssa-like cat. "Now this looks like it could be a lot more interesting," the Muse muttered.

The Moose nodded, "Couple of scumbles before it gets started?"

"Okay, but you'd better be quick."

Imran had decided a long time ago he had no particular desire to learn how Bob managed to drink scumble and stay upright, so he kept his attention on the developing Rodric situation, with an eye on Allie. He knew Allie and Sandra had a tendency to put a very definite stop to Nyssa's attempts at Alzaricide - which meant, hopefully, that Ellie and Sandie'd be the same with rodenicide - er, assuming that /was/ the right term...

Rodric, for the moment, seemed blissfully unaware of both the Death of Rats and the Nyssa-cat's attention-

-oh no.

Imran finally realised where he'd seen this setup before - years of Tom and Jerry should have made it instantly recognisable.

The Nyssa-cat readied herself, and pounced-

-just as Rodric ducked beneath the bar to grab another bottle.

The Nyssa-cat went flying through the air - and through Sandie in the process - before crashing into the other end of the bar.

Rodric lifted his head, blinking in confusion, at the sound of the crash.

The Nyssa-cat pulled herself upright, and sneaked up behind the unsuspecting lemming.

Rodric set the bottle down on the bar.

He double-took at a movement in the reflection on the glass, and whirled around to see the Nyssa-cat about to pounce.

Which attempt was abruptly halted when Frank stepped on the cat on his way to deliver the two Bobs' scumble.

Rodric breathed a sigh of relief, and turned back to the bottle.

The Nyssa-cat managed to pull herself upright once more, staggering towards her prey.

"Ahem," Sandie said, telekinetically lifting the dazed cat up off the ground. "No eating the staff."

The Nyssa-cat went flying out of the door.

The Death of Rats looked baffled, pulling out a lifetimer.

The Nyssa-cat came screeching back in, hotly pursued by a group of heavily armed rodents.

"Oh, /wonderful.../" Ellie muttered.

The Nyssa-cat leaped up onto the bar, where she sat hissing at the armed rodents.

The rodents readied their assault rifles.

The Nyssa-cat dodged backwards and forwards as the rodents attempted to get a bead on her.

Then she leaped off into the bar.

The leader of the rodents muttered under its breath, pulled out a grenade, drew a pin, and threw it over the edge of the bar.

A moment later, it threw the grenade as well.

Unfortunately, the grenade rolled to a halt in front of Rodric.

There was a muffled explosion, and the lemming toppled over backwards, blackened and smoking.

The Death of Rats grinned, and swung its scythe.

The Nyssa-cat leaped back onto the bar, paws pattering frantically, and shot out through the hole in the back wall.

The Death of Rats disappeared from the bar, reappearing next to the band of heavily armed rodents.

Ellie rounded on the hapless rodents, who were backing away nervously, took a deep breath-

-and breathed out a gout of flame which left them a charred, smoking heap.

The Death of Rats reappeared on Death's table, looking none the worse for wear.

Ellie glared at him, before turning on the bar-room at large, hands on her hips.

"All right," she snapped. "Listen up.

"As of right now, my staff are off-limits to all comers while they're working.

"Is that understood?"

The bar-room fell silent.

Ellie's eyes narrowed, flickering with flame.

"I said, *is that understood?*"

Much hasty agreement and nodding of heads from the 'Toon's patrons.

Ellie sighed, and walked over to the bar. "Rodric? How're you doing?"

"Oooh..." Rodric groaned.

Ellie sighed again. "Frank, could you take him into the back room?"

Frank harrumphed. "Frank look like Florence Nightingale to you? Frank think not. Frank wants to see bonus for this."

Nevertheless, he picked up the stunned rodent, and took him off into the back room.

From outside, there came the 'nee-naw, nee-naw' of an ambulance, which pulled up short outside the 'Toon.

A group of stretcher-carrying paramedics raced in, loaded each of the charred band of rodents on their own stretcher, then raced out again, stretchers in tow.

Ellie sank down onto a convenient bar-stool.

"Um..." Imran said, wanting to confirm a rather nasty suspicion that'd occurred to him.

Ellie sighed. "Yes?"

Imran nodded to where the paramedics had recently departed. "That wouldn't have been the Rodric Defence Force, would it?"

"Mm," Ellie agreed. "I'm not going to ask how you know - I think I can guess, and quite frankly it scares me - but yes, that /was/ the Rodric Defence Force. Their mission's to stop Rodric getting killed; unfortunately, they don't have much luck."

"Let me guess." Allie said. "He keeps dying."

"Like you wouldn't /believe/..." Ellie let out a groan. "That's why I gave him a job - so there'd be someone /reliable/" - here, she glared at the departed RDF - "watching out for him."

Imran and Allie unilaterally decided to gloss over that part for the ADF.

Just then the door burst open again. Everyone turned (except Daibhid Chelonidae, who'd disappeared into his shell when the RDF arrived) to see a group of four plump grey marsupials standing in the classic "heroic team shot" pose.

"G'day," the leader declaimed, "What dag of a drongo dares stand in the way of the most worshipful Mywssa, in her great quest?"

"I do." said Ellie. "Anyone got a problem with that?"

"Er, not exactly a problem, as such..." he stuttered.

"Good. Because if you and your antipodean army were planning on disturbing our opening night further, then there'd be some experimental barbecued bush-tucker on the menu!" She blew a smoke-ring for emphasis. The group fled.

"Okay," Daibhid Ceannaideach muttered to Imran Inayak, "I think I can guess, but who were they?"

"They're wombats." the yak replied.

"Yeah, I can see that, I meant..."

"No, WOMBATs. Wondrous and Overwhelming Mywssa's Battle Army, Tasmania."

The non-toon quartet exchanged glances. "On three?" suggested Bob the Muse, "One, two...."

"Taken as read," they chorused.

Ellie rejoined the group. "Sorry about that," she said. "Luckily, if there's anyone more incompetent than the RDF it's Darwin Uluru and his friends. Good thing Number One And A Half wasn't with them, or it might have been tricky."

"I think we may have gone for the 'Taken as read' too soon, there," said Daibhid.

Allie shook her head. "I think that's worth two. Imran?"


"O-kay..." Daibhid said, looking around as much as in caution as anything else. "Anything else we need to watch out for?"

"/Oh/ yeah." Imran sighed, and turned to the Toonsiders. "Um... Would I be right in guessing there's a /darkside/ Toonside? Maybe with its own pub?"

The Toonsiders looked sideways at him.

"Knowing Ille, I'd bet on it," Ellie said.

Daibhid Chelonidae blinked. "How'd he know?"

"Because /they've/ got a darkside, too." Ellie explained. "Our realms are counterparts - we're the animated version, they're live-action. What happens in one tends to be mirrored in the other."

"Not completely, though..." Imran murmured. "Which's interesting..."

"So what's left?" the turtle asked.

"Lemme think..." Imran thought, before placing his hand over his eyes. "I'm very much afraid of the answer I'm going to get to this one, but... you wouldn't happen to have two vampire /bats/ with souls around, would you?"

The Toonsiders gave him another /look/.

"Yes," Imran Inayak said.

"And a Trader with an AI Muse? Both with impressively large vocabularies?"

".../Another/ Gray?" Ellie echoed. "There's /more/ of them?"

Allie quirked a smile. "Oh yeah."

"Not sure about the other places..." Imran murmured. "Might be going too far."

"In a cartoon?" Allie inquired. "They /are/ in-genre, after all..."

"Point." Imran sighed again. "I'm willing to bet that if you go out in Toonside now, you'll find a day care centre, a secondary school, and an old people's home - quite possibly with age-appropriate counterparts of everyone in the 'Toon."

"Hmm..." Bob the Moose said thoughtfully.

Ellie groaned. "Like I needed /more/ brats to deal with."

Imran Inayak opened his mouth to say something, but thought better of it.

"Anything else?" Ellie said.

"Expect a 'King Arthur' analogue to show up sometime," Allie informed her.

Daibhid Chelonidae scratched his head. "King who?"

"...Oh boy," Allie murmured. "/That/ should be interesting..."

"Hang on," said the human Daibhid, "You *must* know who King Arthur is; there's plenty of cartoon versions."

"It rings a faint bell, now you mention it," his counterpart admitted, "but no."

"Just because there's cartoon versions, doesn't mean everyone in the Toon world knows about it," Imran pointed out. "Do you know all live-action films?"

"Well, no, but this is basic mythology..."

"*Our* mythology, not theirs. They probably have an equivilent, but we don't know what it is. Right, Allie? Allie?"

Allie was staring at the wall. "Oh my gods!" she said .

"What happened to 'Take it as read'?" asked Bob.

Allie shook her head. "It doesn't even begin to cover it." she replied, pointing.

The others craned to read the poster she was looking at. "Oh, my gods!" they echoed.

The poster read:

"The Internationally Famous Toad Brothers Carnival. Thrills! Chills! Spills! Swills! Mills!! Scantily Clad Women!!! Manly Men!!! Corvidian Magpies!!!! Kumbaya, Lord of the Freaky-even-by-Toon-standards Freaks!!!!! The Death-Defying Ahkanteater Brothers!!!!! Frizz, The Fire-Eating Marlin!!!!! Smiff, Lizard of Lightning!!!!! The Terrifying Chronomatiscopical Explorations of Doctor Meerkat!!!!!! Come One, Come All!!!!!!! Engaged For This Month Only!!!!!!! Or Maybe Next Month As Well, Depends How It Goes!!!!!!!!"

"Now, you've got to admit the multiple exclamation marks are a nice touch," said Daibhid, in the tone of someone trying very hard not to think about something too much.

"You know something about this, then?" asked Ellie, interestedly. "I was wondering if I should go or not."

The live-action group exchanged glances. "On the whole, I'd say not," Allie finally said, carefully.

"I don't get creeped out easily," said Bob the Muse, "But just *imagining* what the Toon Carnival would be like makes me want another scumble."

"I'll get them," offered Imran, "Daibhid, Irn Bru?"

"Yeah, thanks." the two Daibhids chorused, then burst out laughing. The Bobs rolled their eyes.

As he reached the bar, Imran heard a familiar voice, "So that's six herring juices, and three packets of chocolate covered sardines, thanks, Mac."

"Frobisher? What are *you* doing here?"

The Whifferdil gave him an odd look. "Hey, Imran. Look, I'm a talking penguin from a comic strip. Why *wouldn't* I be here? Anyway, let me introduce you to the gang." He took his tray to a table in the corner, Imran following.

Seated around the table were three animated penguins, and two claymation ones. "These are Marlon, Rocky and Bluey," Frobisher said guesturing to the three toons, "better known as the Avenger Penguins..."

"Hey," Marlon said, "A friend of Bish is a friend of ours."

Bluey burbled something incomprehensible. Rocky nodded, "Yeah, what he said."

"...This is Feathers McGraw, who's not as bad as he looks..."

The claymation penguin gave a single, brief nod.

"...And this is Pingu."

The final member of the group made a friendly honking sound.

"So that's the gang." Frobisher lowered his voice confidentially, "Word of warning: Bluey and Pingu are great conversationalists, but there's no stopping them once they get started."

"Right..." said Imran.

Meanwhile Daibhid was still trying to get the King Arthur thing sorted out.

"He's like a legendary king? In a medieval setting? Um, the epitome of the chivalric ideal and stuff like that?

"Ah!" Enlightement dawned on Ellie's face. "You mean King Leonis."

"Um, do I? Okay. Actually that sounds vaguely familiar..."

Bob the Muse sighed, reached into a pocket of his coat, and wordlessly produced a picture book that was much too large to have fitted in there, which he handed to Daibhid.

"'The Lion's Cavalcade'!" Daibhid exclaimed, "Of course! The Lion King. Er, well *a* Lion King... Anyway, if this is your King Arthur, you can expect a science fiction version to pop up somewhere in the vicinity."

"Interesting," said Bob the Moose thoughtfully. "I heard someone talking about a 'Starship Cavalcade of Leonine Space' recently, but you hear a lot of weird stuff around here sometimes, so I didn't pay much attention. Anyway... oh, hello, Sal."

This last was adressed to a jet black newt that had appeared among the group. It turned its green eyes to Daibhid Chelonidae and let out a low moaning sound, clearly intended to convey 1) that it was hungry and 2) whose fault this was.

"Is it just me," asked Allie, "or did that sound like a meow?"

"Of course it did," Bob the Muse replied, "I should have seen this one coming. Correct me if I'm wrong," he said to his counterpart, "but 'Sal' is Daibhid's pet, although pretty independent, and the name is short for... Salamander?"

"Spot on," the Moose replied.

Daibhid Ceannaideach finally caught up. "Ah. Right. Bob?"


Sal 'meowed' again.

Dabhid Chelonidae looked embarrassed. "Sorry, guys. Gotta go feed him, otherwise he's just gonna keep wailing."

He stood up and headed for the bar.

Allie peered at Sal. "Does he speak Salamander or Cat?"

"Salamander," Bob the Moose supplied, "with a good Cat imitation."

"Oh." Allie looked slightly disappointed.

"Something wrong?" Bob the Moose asked.

Allie shrugged, a little embarrassedly. "I just thought he might know Cat."

Ellie's eyeridges raised. "_Oh..._"

"What?" human-Daibhid said.

Ellie looked a little embarrassed. "At a guess... Allie knows Cat for the same reason I know Salamander."

"..._Oh_," Imran Inayak said.

"...Am I missing something here?"Daibhid said.

Ellie sighed. "I turn into a salamander, while Allie - correct me if I'm wrong here, Allie - turns into a cat."

"Most of the time," Allie put in.

"Most of the time." Ellie agreed.

"..._Why?_" Daibhid asked.

Allie and Ellie looked at each other.

"It's a Muse thing," they said in unison.

Daibhid blinked. "...Right."

Bob, prudently, didn't comment.

"Here you go," Daibhid Chelonidae said, setting a saucer down on the table, followed by Bob the Muse's scumble and Daibhid Ceannaideach's Irn Bru, holding on to his own Irn Bru as he sat down.

Sal slinked up to the saucer, and started lapping.

"Oh, Imran's going to be a bit," the turtle went on. "He's got talking with the penguins."

Allie blinked. "The *what?*"

Daibhid Chelonidae pointed to the penguins' table.

"...Pingu and the Avenger Penguins," Allie said in a somewhat strangled tone of voice. "Everyone?"

"Taken." the group chorused.

Daibhid blinked. "Wow. Pingu really gets going, doesn't he?"

Ellie grinned. "Like you wouldn't believe."

Bob the Muse looked around with interest. "Anyone see Wallace and Grommit yet?"

"Wallace is behind the bar," said Daibhid Chelonidae cheerfully. "He's helping to fix the beer pumps."

"He's doing *what*??" snapped Ellie.

"I think," said Daibhid Ceannaideah slowly, "it might be an idea to hide under the table about now."

They did so, and therefore missed what happened next, except for the sound of liquid under pressure being released, and a gurgling cry of "Oh, 'eck!"

After a while, the sounds of fizzy lager hitting the wall ceased.

"Do you think it's safe?" asked Daibhid Ceannaideach.

Bob the Moose looked at the other Daibhid, who was slowly peering out of his shell. "If Daibh isn't firmly ensconced in there, it's safe." he said.

They cautiously looked out. Wallace, drenched in Old Unspecified, was lying against the wall opposite the bar. At the bar, Grommit, wearing a look of stolid exasperation, was calmly turning the tap off.

"Thanks, Grommit," Wallace said. He turned to Daibhid Chelonidae. "Still needs a bit more work, but I think we've solved the problem."

Frank rumbled over to Daibhid. "Bosstortoise employ handyman like that again, and Frank taking it up with Bossdragon. Bosstortoise warned."

"Sorry, it seemed like a good idea at the time."

"Don't take it out on Daibhid," snapped Ellie. "And don't threaten him with *me*! I'm not scary!"

"Um," said Daibhid Chelonidae, "You're a fire-breathing carnivore three times my size. That is quite scary. Er, sorry." He looked ready to disappear back into his shell.

Ellie sighed. "Okay, *sometimes* I'm scary. When I'm dealing with idiots like Darwin Uluru, for instance. But we're friends and business partners. So stop being scared of me or I'll bake you in your shell!"

Daibhid blinked for a couple of seconds, then laughed. "Well, when you put it like *that*, what's to be scared of?"

"If bossreptiles quite finished, Frank go back to making Cheddar Martini, shaken not stirred."

Daibhid Ceannaideach looked at Bob. "Now, I wonder who'd order *that*?"

"You need to ask?" Bob inquired.

Daibhid grinned. "Heck, no."

Allie eyed the white mouse with an eyepatch and the hamster in a cheap suit sitting at a nearby table, her mouth twitching into a grin. "Uh-uh."

"Everything okay?" human-Imran said, returning from the penguins' table.

Allie and Ellie shared an amused look.

Imran Inayak chuckled. "I think you could say that..."

Daibhid Ceannaideach glanced at the clock. "Gosh, it's getting late."

"Afraid the whole place turns into a pumpkin at midnight?" asked Bob sarcastically.

"Don't worry," Imran Inayak reassured them. "That hardly ever happens any more."


"We've got to stay for a bit longer," said Allie. "The Band With Rocks In and the Yellow Submarine Beatles are going to be jamming on a version of 'She Won't Change Her Mind'."

"Oh, we have to stay for that." Bob insisted.

"Okay, okay," said Daibhid, "but it *is* getting late."

"Right, one more drink and that'll be us."

So a while later, the quartet departed into the cool night air of Toonside. "Bye!" called Ellie as they left, "Do come back soon!"

"Permit me to escort you to your trans-dimensional tunnel," offered Tardis Tails, "After all, I have been /sans/ dialogue for quite some time in this adventure."

Imran snapped his fingers. "Damn. I was hoping we could have got away with pretending he'd gone off for a bit."

"There really isn't any such thing as 'too self-referential' around here, is there?" muttered Bob.

"Well, it's a pretty hazy concept even in the 'Round," replied Imran, "so when you add the toon-factor..."

"Point taken."

Tardis led them passed Look Who's Squawking and H.G. Whales Secondary to the hole. "Farewell, my friends," he said. "I would join you, but I hear the fishmonger's conveyance approach, and must let him experience the joy of giving."

"Yeah. 'Bye."

As they stepped through the hole, Imran said "Well, I think we defintely have to revisit that place, if not physically, then in fiction. Actually there's, what, seven different settings?"

"Yeah, that sounds about..." Daibhid stopped in mid-sentence. "Oh, no. There's much more than that."

Bob blinked. "No. There's Toonside, Othertoonside, LWS, the schools, the retirement home and Leonis In Time And Space. That's seven."

"Look at it this way," said Daibhid, "Toonside has its own version of everything Outside has, right?"


"And it *also* has its own version of Otherside, right?"

Allie closed her eyes, "I think I can see where this is going..."

"And Otherside *also* has its own version of everything Outside has," Daibhid concluded, "Therefore..."

They stood for a while contemplating this. Then Bob said, "Shall we take the 'taken as read' as read?"




Summary: Join Allie, Imran, Daibhid, and Bob the Muse as they discover This Toon Round. With much silliness, plotlessness, general meandering and an innocent tagline that got caught in the crossfire...

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Luna Inverse is copyright various people, including Hajime Kanzaka, Rui Araizumi, Kadokawa Shoten and TV Tokyo.
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