NOBODY KNOWS THE TROUBLES I'VE SEEN 1/1 TTR, TDF, marginally the author's
Peri arc
by Paul Gadzikowski
DOCTOR WHO series characters and concepts copyright BBC tv
DC Comics characters and concepts copyright Time-Warner (AOL bought them out
THIS TIME ROUND concept by Tyler Dion, after Kielle

This is a sequel to Doug Killings' WAFFy "A TDF Christmas"
[], and for its
lesser length may or may not achieve an even denser WAFF.

"Will this night never end?" Doctor Two moaned. The evening before,
the Doctors had been reminded that the woman they had their eye on
[] was Queen to another man.
Now they were gathered at their customary table at This Time Round, hoping
she'd show up eventually, alternately hoping for and hoping against
resolution, by an algorithm that seemed so complex to them as to be
entirely random but which could actually be tracked by whether a majority
of him had had an even or odd number of drinks from one moment to the
next. The very nature of the phenomenon denied hims the power to observe
"It seems to have gone on for weeks," said Doctor Eight, who at least
had had his wait broken up by a short interview with Sir Lancelot of the
Round Table Space Fleet.
Every time the tavern entrance opened, all eight Doctors spun to look.
This time it was Tegan, and a gentleman escort, but the Doctors' vision was
too blurry for them to determine whether it was Turlough or Ryouga before
it was blocked by Tegan's rapid approach to the Doctors' table.
"Doctor," said Tegan, addressing Doctor Five of course (these girls all
tended to think of their own as THE Doctor), "there's something I want to
...Are you drunk?"
"What thinks you make so?" said Doctor Five, but perfectly straightfaced
and without slurring.
"Good. Listen, I was talking with Nyssa at the Christmas party ..."
(Two a.dw.c authors at a nearby table overheard.
("Wait a minute," said one to the other. "Your arc's 'Forget Something?'
was set while 'Meet the Parents' was in theaters, and this is a sequel to my
'A TDF Christmas' - but it's *still* only one night after 'Forget
("I keep telling you," said the other author, "TTR is for not having
continuity ...")
"... a lot of us became TARDIS travelers as a result of losing all our
family," Tegan wrapped up - failing to notice the exchange of pained glances
that passed between the Doctors when she said it - "but Nyssa's the only one
here whose whole planet is gone."
"That's true," Doctor One allowed.
"Naturally we all want to be supportive for her," said Doctor Four, "but
what makes it news?"
"Well," said Tegan, "I just thought, maybe the magnitude of her loss is
what makes her so unbalanced about Adric. By now I think we all know why she
*really* does it. She's been hurt on such a scale, maybe *that's* why her
denial is so violent."
"Now that we know that, what do we do?" said Doctor Eight, inadvertently
quoting PEANUTS.
"Find her a support group?" suggested Doctor Six.
"Do you think there are many support groups for sole survivors of a dead
race?" Doctor Seven rebutted. "We've already established that her situation
is singular, enough at least that there's no one else even here who shares
The tavern entrance opened again, and the Doctors all swung around to
look. The new entrant was one of TTR's crossover visitors, one of the first
such, if not *the* first. In those crossovers he had a unique relationship
with the Doctor, a very deep one, but he wasn't the person they were looking
for right now. ...Or was he?
"Tonight there is," Doctor Five answered Doctor Seven. He rose and
greeted the newcomer, leading him out of the main room as the other Doctors
thrashed out the rest of the plan with Tegan.

When Nyssa arrived at the 'Round that evening (an armory that would've
impressed a Tom Clancy hero hidden on her person in anticipation of the end
of Adric's shift), Tegan bounded up to her rather than wait until Nyssa
joined her at a table.
"Nyssa!" Tegan gushed. "I have a surprise for you!"
"Oh, Keeper," swore Nyssa, "not another attempt to 'cure' me, is it?"
"Of course!" said Tegan, who knew Nyssa knew that too-cheerful tone and
hadn't bothered trying to disguise it. Nyssa decided it had been so long
since Tegan had tried this that whatever the new idea was must at least be
worth a look. She allowed Tegan to lead her into one of the 'Round's back
There were many chairs all facing one way as if in a classroom. Only one
of the chairs was filled. Nyssa recognized the room's occupant, of course. As
they entered he turned to them and asked Tegan, "Is the meeting ready to
"Meeting?" Nyssa asked.
"I think everyone's here," said Tegan, scooting back out the door.
"If you'll have a seat, miss," said the other, "we'll get started."
Now curious beyond her capacity to resist, Nyssa assumed one of the
When she was seated, the other rose, walked to the front of the room,
turned to face Nyssa, and addressed the chairs as if they were all full.
"Hello," he said. "My name is Kal-El, and I am the last survivor of