The Wedding Planners - Story Order

The 'Fantasy Island' crew find themselves caught up in the chaos that surrounds a certain aquatranssexual martial artist...

Here's... Who? - Imran Inayat - The Doctor's planning a wedding... but who are Bowman and Smith's Celebrations?

This Isn't The Yellow Brick Road... - Imran Inayat - Fred discovers the power of PLOT Holes...

Breakfast At Ucchan's - Imran Inayat - Bringing up the past, and looking to the future, at Ucchan's Oknonmiyaki Restaurant.

E-Mail From The Home Front - Imran Inayat - Fitz and Anji catch up with the news from back home.

A Tale Of Three Temples - Imran Inayat - Soul searching and having your soul searched are two very different things...

Part One - Part Two - Part Three

Up On The Roof - Imran Inayat - In one moment, everything can change.

A Pause For Thought - Imran Inayat - The Doctor muses over a cup of tea.

Taking The First Steps - Imran Inayat - Consolidating a few changes.

Bearing Down - Imran Inayat - Things go up, things go down.

Sleight Of Eye - Imran Inayat - Sometimes the eye is quicker than the hand.

Cutting Loose - Imran Inayat - A forgotten companion sets out to team up with the rest of the gang.

On Thin Ice - Imran Inayat - Kuno's on the rampage at the ice rink. Guess who got clean-up...

Meeting Monsters - Imran Inayat - Charley has a stalker, Ryouga has a brief encounter, and Pokemon fall from the sky.