TTR / TDTO: Undermanned (drabble)

[An obvious add-on to Vicky's latest. At least, it was obvious to me.]

"Of course, you know where they went wrong?" Tom Doctor said. In
theory he was giving Sarah the Doctor family's exclusive views on the
mystery of the haunted clocktower. In practice he was sitting on her
desk, eating her chocolate biscuits, and distracting everyone in the
"Nope," Harry said.
"Not taking adequate weapons?" Leela guessed.
Sarah sighed. "Go on. Tell us."
Tom leaned forward conspiratorially. "Not enough personnel! When
you're investigating mysteries, there's got to be four of you. Two
boys, two girls, and a lovable animal sidekick. Isn't that right?"
"Affirmative, Master," came the reply from knee level.

["Doctor Who" characters belong to the BBC. This Time Round created by
Tyler Dion, Then Do That Over by Paul Gadzikowski.]

John Elliott