Samantha sighed. "One more go: 'We are norra mused.'"

"We are not amused," Clara recited.

"No, no, no." Samantha rolled her eyes. "You'll never sound right like
that. There's no way Queen Victoria's from Blackpool."

"Oh, and she really was from Liverpool?" Clara leaned forward and
put her elbows on the table to emphasise her point. "Look, one of my
fragments has to live as her and save the Doctor from those monks. But
there's got to be more to being the Queen than having an authentic Scouse

Samantha downed her Babycham. "Worked for me, chuck," she pointed out.

[ Inspired by the news that Jenna Coleman is to play Queen Victoria ].

John Elliott

Thinks: This is what a nice clean life leads to. Hmm, why did I ever lead one?
-- Bluebottle, in the Goon Show