Union Maid

Nyssa, wearing a Traken Union button and humming "Look for the Union Label" bounced into This Time Round.
"She's been on a unionizing kick this week. Keeps talking about raises, hours and benefits," Ian told Benny.
"At home, everyone had to be terribly nice to each other just to hold the union together. This is MUCH better. We can go out on strike," Nyssa confided.
"But no one gets paid or punches a time clock here! Membership dues are taken thru payroll deductions, erm....." Benny stopped, confused.
"See? Much too haphazard," Nyssa proclaimed.

"How's the organizing?" asked Ian, watching a major melee in the middle of the room. Punch cards flew everywhere.
"Zoe's having a timekeeping problem. The 1st Doctor used up his sick leave and tried to call in dead. Adric protested. Dr. McCoy confirmed it, and Jim tried to fix it by bringing in the 2nd Dr....."