A while ago, I wrote:
> "Not really." Rose closed the magazine. "I just think people ought to
> watch what they put in these magazines. Or we'll be up to here in fake
> companions and fake Doctors and people who look exactly like us except
> they aren't, not properly."

TTR: Up To Here (double drabble)

"Not again," Rose said.

There was a pause while the current occupants of the Round looked at each
other, wondering whose patience would break first. In the event, it was

"Not again what?" he said.

"Another of those audition things. His." She nodded at the Seventh
Doctor. "Thing is, he's got Mel with him. But it's a Mel who looks like
Tegan. Sounds like her, too."

"Why's that a problem?" Jamie asked.

"Why?" Rose repeated. "What if she comes here?"

"She won't. Look, you never see me going around with my other face, do

Rose shook her head firmly. "That's not the same. It's something that
happened to you and then you changed back. This Mel--" She spread her hands.
"She's not the same person."

"What did she look like, then?"

"Brown hair. And she was wearing black."

Jamie pictured Mel's usual style of dress. "Sounds like an improvement. So
d'ye think it's like Blonde Sam and Dark Sam, then?"

"Dark Mel." Rose rolled the words around her mouth. "Oh, you've done it
now. Name like that? She'll turn up any second."

"If she does, maybe I'll buy her something." Jamie grinned. "D'ye think
she'd like carrot brandy?"

John Elliott
[ Dark Mel, as played by Janet Fielding, can be seen on the DVD extras for