(It's not a good title, but I'm just returning a compliment!! :-)
This was longer, but I was disciplined and made it a double

This Time Round - Violent Minorities

In which the Seventh Doctor gets annoyed when he hears the news about
a certain upcoming adventure for the Tenth Doctor...

"I'm not bitter," said the Seventh Doctor to the Ninth and Tenth.
"I'm pleased to know my future selves are popular -."
"Oh, what is it this time?" interrupted Ten.
He glowered. "It's as if I don't exist any more! How would you like
"Like what?"
"Daleks going up stairs - and all the rest! I had them first! And
now *this*!"
"What?" asked Nine.
"He's stolen my story!"
"I'm sorry?" The Tenth kept his tone innocent. "What story would
that be?"
He stood. "You know what I mean! Give it back!"
"I can't, can I?" countered the Tenth. "I don't decide these
Seven stormed out. Moments later, he poked his head back round the
door. "There is *one* thing I had that you haven't!" He added,
"You've got ten sec-"
The table exploded.
The Seventh Doctor looked up to see the smoking remains of the table,
Doctors and part of the Round. "Whoops."
Ace arrived beside him.
He glared. "You said you'd fixed that!"
"It's still not perfect," she shrugged.
"One of these days you're going to get me killed..." He chuckled to
himself. "Both of me, in this case."
They grinned wickedly at each other and ran.