Title: What's a rule for, anyway?
Author: Cyber Moggy
Summary: Yet more characters are attempting to get past Doorkeeper
Polly for a quiet drink in the 'Round. She's not making it easy, even
if he does have a sword.

Everybody watched with bated breath as Polly fenced furiously with the
masked man. She was good, it was true, but he was better. He,
however, was a gentleman - a fact Polly was using to her advantage.
She took every opportunity she could to distract him with a flash of
breast, or frilly knicker bottom.

"Dammit, Senor Zorro," she grated as she neatly diverted another
attempt to relieve her of her clip board. "You've never been in a
crossover, you're not on my list, and you're not getting in!"

He stopped, and she hugged her clipboard to her heaving chest.
"Perhaps next time," he bowed.

She glared at him furiously. "I wish they'd never discovered that
loophole in the crossovers rule," she said.

He took her hand, and kissed it. "I shall buy you a drink," he
promised, gazing deeply into her eyes.

She caught her breath. "Is that a promise?" she asked, batting her
eyelashes at him.

"It is a promise," he assured her, and slipped away into the darkness.

"How did it go?" Westley asked Zorro, stepping out from behind a tree.

"All we need now is for somebody to write one more drabble," Zorro
grinned, "and we're in."