(Timeframe: After 'The Eleventh Hour'.

Summary: Certain Doctors have a bone to pick with the Eleventh Doctor.

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Who Da Man?! Really?

The Eleventh Doctor adjusted his new bowtie, grinning.

"So, anyone like the new episode? Go ahead, tell me!"

The Ninth Doctor marched up to the Eleventh Doctor, looking very
ticked off.

"WHO DA MAN?! REALLY?!" he screamed in his face, then stalked off,
storm cloud brewing over his head.

He poked his head back in and yelled, "YOU ARE A GREAT BIG MORON!"
before walking away.

The Tenth Doctor was next. He walked up to the Eleventh Doctor,
whipped out his glasses and pretended to scrutinize him.

"I don't like you," he remarked, then walked away.

Eleven spent the rest of the day avoiding the other Doctors like the




"I need you to shut up!"
- Tenth Doctor, "The Christmas Invasion"