"Welcome to my nightmare"
Double drabble
By Helen Fayle

A vivid scarlet stiletto sandal hovered above a murky puddle in the
crowded, raindrenched carpark, before attempting a landing somewhere
that seemed less than 2 inches deep in water.

It was, but that didn't take a layer of mud into account.

By the time she had squelched into the relative safety of the bar
after her husband, Lucy Saxon's mood was not helped by seeing a
confident-looking redhead talking far too familiarly to Harry...

Possession being nine tenths of everything, she initiated an intercept

Sensing a slight tension, the Master cleared his throat.

'Ah - Lucy my dear. Perhaps I should introduce you two. Lucy, Ailla...'

A frosty stand-off, an intervention by the ever quick-thinking Sarah-
Jane, several cocktails and one trip to the ladies later, the Master
was leaning on the bar next to the Doctor, moodily nursing a large
daiquiri. An animated discussion at a nearby table between Sarah-Jane,
Rose, Ailla and Lucy was interspersed with occasional smirks and
frequent giggles.

'A nice quiet drink, you said,' snarled the Master.

The Doctor smirked. 'You didn't have to bring the missus.'

'Was this your idea of getting even?'

The Doctor grinned at him. 'What can I say...? Payback's a bitch...'


Tag: "Welcome to every man's worst nightmare, the missus and the ex".

Not up to my usual standard but I had to get it off my chest... ;-)