“So, am I getting to come here then?” Matt Doctor asked, a hopeful grin spread across his face.

Chris and David Doctor exchanged glances - somewhat nervous glances, truth be told. Well, Chris’ glance was nervous; David’s was more a mixture of annoyance and boredom. He didn‘t see why he had to stand around with his little brother - let Chris take care of it. He wanted to go and see what John was up to anyway.

“Well,” Chris began, “you’re a bit of a squirt, Matt. Might get crushed here.”

Matt scowled. “David was a squirt,” he pointed out, “and it’s boring at home. Least here it’d be exciting, fantastic, brilliant,” he paused, wiggling his fingers in thought, “erm, exciting,” he paused again, looking up with a grin, “flabbergasting even.”

David stared at his little brother, dumbfounded - which was a new experience for him. “…Have you been taking my medication?”

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Then Do That Over created by Paul Gadzikowski.