Mark had only gotten as far as the from door to This Time Round when
he was stopped by a clipboard-wielding Polly.

"Are you currently, or have you ever been, a companion of the Doctor,
the Master, Romana (I, II, or III), or Davros?" she asked with an
arched eyebrow.

Mark looked confused. "Erm, no...I'm from an anime series, and I was
told that -"

"Your an anime? From which series?"

"Uh, 'Battle of the Planets'."

Polly checked her clipboard. "Nope, sorry. No crossovers _at_all_
have been done with that series, so there's no way I'll be able to let
you in."

Mark's jaw dropped (literally - he is anime after all). "You mean that
I can't get in until I get written into a crossover?!? But Most
people don't even KNOW what Battle of the Planets was - how can you
expect someone to write a crossover?"

Polly smirked. "Too bad, but we try to cater to an ... exclusive ...
clientele here, and you just aren't welcome. You could always try
Ucchan's up the road - they'll take ANY anime..."

Mark stomped away, muttering.