This contains nudity and adult humor (DUH!). Reader discretion is advised.

Doctor Who BBC.
"This Time Round" concept by Tyler Dion et. al.
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The Ninth Doctor was as eager as Rose and Jack for "Naked Jelly Wrestling" at the Round-- but he lost his enthusiasm when he saw "who" was already in the pit.

"If I want to 'play with myself'," the Doctor said, "I don't have to get naked with this lot to do it!!"

"Isn't Nine going to play?" the Eighth Doctor asked, through long jelly-soaked hair.

A naked Fifth Doctor tackled him. "Well, if he won't, *I* will!"

A jelly-covered Tenth Doctor smirked. "Nine must be chicken."

"Right!!" The Ninth Doctor tore off his jacket. "Your arse is mine, 'Barcelona'!!"