This Time Round: You Can Run, But...

"Well now," the Minister of Chance said. "Mr. Mitchell. It's not often we
see you in here."
Adam was obviously in a blind panic. "You've got to hide me somewhere. What
about under the counter?"
"Miss Bush is already hiding there."
"In the kitchen?"
"Miss Heriot and Miss Jones. Any more and there'll be no room for the
"The Gents?"
Too late. Donna burst triumphantly into the teashop and brandished a laptop.
Its screen was an ominous blue.
"Brain Guy!" she hollered, and snapped her fingers, with predictable
consequences. "This thing's got an IRQ conflict again. Sort it out!"

[ Another one based on the dw100 Livejournal word-of-the-week; in this
case, "conflict".

This Time Round concept by Tyler Dion.

John Elliott

Thinks: This is what a nice clean life leads to. Hmm, why did I ever lead one?
-- Bluebottle, in the Goon Show