TTR: Zany Zoe and the Adaptation of Austen (Drabble)

Victoria nervously approached the catsuited star and raised a hand.
"Zoe..." she began.
"Oh, Victoria, darling, you're not complaining about the casting *again*,
are you? I'm the ideal choice to play Emma. I'm about the right age,
handsome, clever, and I get everything wrong in an infuriating yet lovable
way. And you're just so wonderful as Jane Fairfax."
"No, Zoe, it's not that." She looked down to where Jamie and Turlough were
struggling. "It's just that in the version of /Emma/ I read, I'm sure the
Knightley brothers never had to get a piano up a long flight of steps."

[ This Time Round created by Tyler Dion.

Zany Zoe originated by K. Michael Wilcox. ]

John Elliott