Zany Zoe and the Doodles of Doom!

Jadi glanced over Zoe's shoulder. "'Serial Murder'? Giving up zaniness already?"
Zoe shook her head. "Nyssa lent it to me. I've been drawing glasses on the pictures. See?"
"What about when Nyssa wants it back?"
"Oh, nutbunnies."
"Don't panic," Jadi said. "I have an idea." He called Adric over. "Would you tell Nyssa Zoe wants to see her? Oh, and give her this book."
Adric took it and slunk away.
Moments later, Nyssa came over. "Like the book so far?"
"She's done," Jadi volunteered. "Didn't Adric give it to you?"
Nyssa looked back at the pile of ash and swore.