Zany Zoe and the Zippers of Zugzwang

Zoe looked across the pub at Psycho Nyssa being congratulated by Mistress Mel. "Interesting. Radically recharacterised objects of fanboy lust," she mused. "I wonder...."

"Don't worry," Steven said to the bespectacled youth. "You'll win somedaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!" He shot into the air.
Zoe popped up in his chair. "Hey there, Mikey boy!" she sang. "I'm here to cheer you up!" She lowered the zipper on her purple catsuit and slid across the table on her belly. "Merry Christmas!" She grabbed his head and slammed his face into her cleavage.
Something shattered. "Oh right, glasses."
"That's okay," he said before he lost consciousness.